What we believe

When you were growing up no doubt you envisaged your life being full of fun and enjoyment. Maybe a family, a nice house and, of course, your dream Land Rover or Range Rover parked on the drive in readiness for your next adventure. It’s a fairly safe bet that not once did vehicle maintenance or repair come into the equation?

Sadly the reality is that to enjoy life and enjoy your Land Rover you need to make sure you look after it. As we all know, when a vehicle breaks down or doesn’t perform as we expect, it ruins the day, weekend or week, especially if you are away on holiday at the time.

We started over 12years ago to help Land Rover and Range Rover owners to enjoy life, to remove the stress and hassle from vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair.

Having an engineering, rather than an automotive background, was beneficial. We weren’t blinkered by the accepted way the motor industry worked, and we were free to create our service how we would want it should we be standing on the other side of the counter. Like you, we own Land Rovers and just like you they need looking after, so believe me when I say we understand the anguish you feel when your vehicle needs some help to stay reliable.


Customer Relations

The relationships we hold and the confidence entrusted to us by our customers is paramount.

Freedom Of Choice

Each customer and their vehicle are equal and deserve to have the choice to which level they maintain that vehicle.

Tailored To You

As a true independent Land Rover Specialist we are able to individually tailor our service to meet the demands of each customer.

Think Differently

We like to challenge the status quo and think differently, putting our customers before profit.

Honesty Is Our Policy

We never make false vehicle reports or sell you anything you don’t need or that we wouldn’t fit to our own vehicles.

You’re Our Priority

With Cheviot4x4, the customer comes first every single time. We always treat you how we would want to be treated.