Cheap tyres- Are they worth the money?

By 24th March 2016Blog Post

Tyres are one of the most important components of any vehicle. They are the only part of the vehicle which is in contact with the road. So why is it that there’s such a variance between opinions on which tyres to choose?

Consider this,

Peter owns a Range Rover Sport, Its a 2008 3.6TV8 model and valued at roughly £16000. Peter and his wife Kate uses it to run their kids around to after school clubs and taking the dogs walking the hills or the beach at the weekend.

The Range Rover Sport weighs 2.6 ton and has 270BHP of very usable power. It’s braking distance is we’ll say 100 foot while travelling at 40mph.

Stick with me there is a point to this

Peter needs some new tyres on his 19″ alloys, he’s presented with three options, A very well known tyre brand for ££££, a good but lesser known company for £££ or an unknown eastern manufactured tyre for ££.  Peter also wants to buy a new surround sound system for the TV so he thinks that if he buys the cheaper tyres he has enough left for that surround sound system.

He now has a £16000, 2.6 ton prestige vehicle which he and his wife drive around their kids in and rely on for both work, life and free time. Everything he cares about in the whole world is relying on the cheapest tyres he could find to keep them on the road.

Kate is out in the car with the kids taking them to football practice, it’s raining heavily, while rounding a corner a dog runs out into the road, she brakes hard, the cheap tyres have less grip than the old tyres, the car starts to slide, hits the kerb and veers off the road.

Was that surround sound system really worth it now?

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